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Visualize your Presentation

Coaching Program 1-on-1
with Cavi Velásquez
One-on-One Coaching Program with CavI
" I will help you with your presentation step by step"

This “Visualize your Presentation” program is for you, if you are looking for:

  • Visual impact with your presentation!

  • Engaging your audience and positioning yourself in their minds

  • Communicating more clearly your message

  • Getting the results you expect, for informing, educating, training, persuading or influencing others to ACT!

Coaching Program 1-on-1

 with Cavi Velásquez

I am looking to help professional like you: speakers, instructors, corporate employees, entrepreneurs, sales executives, marketing leaders, business owners and professors that are not expert designers, to create High Level Professional Presentations. 

Use Effective and Impact Presentations that bring success to your Career or Business. With this coaching program, you will be able to achieve your objectives! 

Kevin Harrington

Inventor of the Infomercial, Entrepreneur and Business Executive- USA


I have had the pleasure of working with Cavi on a number of presentations while preparing for my speaking engagements! When I think of her, the following comes to mind: she's creative, goes the extra mile, pays attention to please and detail, and has an excellent eye for design, in addition to being bilingual!! 
Her ability to interpret what I need, and then convert those interpretations into slides is extraordinary. Cavi has proven her commitment to my work/presentation needs from the day I met her. She has been instrumental in helping me customize my presentations to fit a variety of audiences! 

I have always been passionate about design. I am an architect by profession, with a wide career in architecture and construction design. But life allowed me to discover a path different from architecture. 

During my MBA, I had to create and design many presentations for my classes and projects.

I discovered there were failings when creating an effective PowerPoint presentation and mistakes were made in the design, where the presentation result was a lack of effective communication. Most presentations were boring, full of text or with few images. 

Cavi Velásquez

Founder of  Cavi Media, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Architect by profession.

Join in to my list of happy clients! Whom I have helped to develop effective presentations personalized to a variety of audiences. 

I have been advising and helping corporate clients, entrepreneurs, sales executives and marketing leaders for more than 5 years, to convert non-creative ideas into ideas with a visual attractiveness and with a message that communicates effectively through presentations and infographics. 

I helped successfully recognized speakers and business people in the United States and Latin America, as well as private corporations and nonprofit organizations, universities among others. 

This "Visualize your Presentation" Coaching Program will help you on how to create Visual Presentations that produce results

Working with me, I will show you in a practical and simpler way how to create your presentation. 

*Showing you the tools you need to know, without having to be a design expert.
*I will teach you exactly what you need to do and not to do for a successful presentation.

I have been able to help professionals in several countries, such as: United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Australia, among other countries.

Living in USA has allowed me to access an ample source of firsthand information from recognized experts in the visual communications industry. Thus, I can transmit my knowledge and offer it to you to put it in practice now! 

When it is about investing money in your business or your work, the best investment you can make is creating a powerful visual presentation!

Once you know how to create an effective presentation, you will be able to create many professional presentations following my tips and secrets.

Design a presentation that engages your audience! that generates income for you, that sells more or simply to shorten the long hours of a business meeting.

Like it or not, in your career and profession you must communicate effectively (with your customers, students, colleagues, or potential clients).  

Now, what is my Visualize your Presentation program about?

How does it work? The Visualize your Presentation program is a one-to-on Personalized program. I will work with you step by step, we will meet via Skype or Google Hangouts, where I will show you step by step what you must do to create a successful presentation!


1.Design of the Structure of your presentation (from scratch or based on an existing presentation).

2.The objectives of your presentation will be analyzed creating a design criteria list. 

3.All this will be adjusted to your corporate image or the image you want to project to position your Personal Brand in your niche or to a specific audience.


Direct contact with me-You may contact me via WhatsApp, Facebook and by email to ask questions and ask my opinion.
Results-We will focus on making your presentation look professional and a clear message. 


I will share the tools you must use in your presentation with you, to minimize the design time and achieve your objective.

I will tell you exactly what you need to know and how to use it to take the greatest advantage! 


Are you looking for results with your presentation and you are open to learning the new trends in the world of visual communication and applying them?

My Consulting service is not for everyone. For some professionals, it is difficult to get out of old habits to create presentations that really work, such as:

1.Use of too much content,
2.No use of key words or structure,
3.No use of enough images or
4.They love using bullet points, a lot of them…

To be a successful presenter, speaker, or trainer is necessary to invest in improving your design skills, to achieve a verbal message in harmony with your visual message. 

As your Coach, I will show you the path to follow and will give you direction. But you must be able to take action and execute the strategies I will indicate. 

No more excuses creating boring presentations that disconnect from your audience.

You can be an excellent presenter, but if you lack an effective visual resource you are losing most of your audience.

65% of people assimilate a message better when it is accompanied by visuals. 

However, if you know what your objective is, if you are aware that a presentation is a powerful marketing and sales tool, in addition to an effective means to educate and influence others, and what you need is learning the tools that will take you to create successful presentations! And in addition, learning from someone with experience, then please let me be your Coach. 

The Coaching Program includes these Bonus Gifts:


Set of 10 PowerPoint Templates and 20 Icons set 

¿Do you have questions?

When would we start the Visualize your Presentation

Coaching Program?

Once you complete your application, we will

contact you by email, which will

include information on the steps to follow to start the

Coaching Program with Cavi.

What equipment or resources I must have to start?

To ensure the success of the program, it is important that you have a good internet connection, a Skype or Google Hangouts account. PowerPoint or Keynote installed in your computer. And most importantly, a desire to learn and take action!

How long does the Coaching Program take?

This is a personalized Program, so the time will depend on your needs. However, in this program a work plan will be created, showing times and objectives of each session.


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